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exchanges around the world. The downside is, it doesnt sync with as many trading platforms as MyFxBook. Traderwave, a new trading platform which is fast and easy to use. Market Hours One of the biggest headache traders face is, knowing the different time zones in the forex market. You dont want to be in a trade where earnings will be out the next day as you could lose a huge chunk of capital if it goes against you. ASX stock screener This is stock Screener app (for android) searches the Australian stock market based on technical analysis and stock chart patterns for stock trading. FxBlue It has similar features with MyFxBook.

And with a click of a button, you can clone their algorithm. If youre new to trading or have been trading for a while now then youll agree with me when I say: Theres a ton of trading tools out there. But the one thing that makes it stand out is, the ability to filter your trades according to your trading setup. Looking for stocks based on their net profit margin? You can sign up for free, or take up the paid membership which comes with even more features. Finviz, they have one of the sleekest looking stock scanners Ive come across. A solution is to use this tool that breaks down the individual time zones for you, so you know which trading session youre.